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LIM4 Consulting

Consulting services since 2010

Providing consulting and software development services.

Specialized in iOS Development.

Our Apps

Some of our apps are in the final testing stages. Soon to be released on the App Store.


Remote For Nissan

Activating your car accessories remotely from your phone is now a reality.

The Remote for Nissan allows you to activate several accessories from your car remotely. You can turn on the head lights, sound the horn and lock/unlock doors without touching your car keys.

Other accessories you can control remotely:

* Turn Lights Flasher, Parking Locator, Head Lights, Low Beam, High Beam, Front Fog Lights, Turn Lights, Open Trunk, Lock/Unlock Doors, Horn, Wipers.


My Guitars App

For the guitar collector, now you can save information about your guitars, bass and other string instruments. Know how many and how much you collection is worth!

Also, know about all the expenses for strings replacements and other repairs performed on your guitars.

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The Warranties App

The Warranties App helps you keep track of all your warranties, normal and extended. You can add Reminders to help you remember about expiring warranties. Take pictures of your receipts and warranty agreements.